From in-state economic development to cutting edge cancer treatments, Alabama’s life sciences sector brings life to everything and everyone it touches.

Advances in biotechnology and bioscience are powered by innovation hubs like Cummings Research Park, the nation’s second and the world’s fourth largest research park. The Huntsville park hosts the operations of HudsonAlpha Institute, a leading contributor in human genome research. Southern Research Institute, located in Birmingham, is responsible for the discovery of seven cancer-fighting drugs. Alabama is home to over 660 life science organizations, providing 12,000+ jobs for scientists and researchers.




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Life sciences are the heartbeat of economic development in Alabama. UAB alone employs 23,000 people and yields a $5 billion economic impact annually. Thanks to AIDT, the state’s premier workforce recruitment agency, and successful business incubators like Innovation Depot, the sector has grown to include 660 bioscience companies and an employment base topping 12,000.

Birmingham’s Southern Research is one of those companies. The not-for-profit, contract research organization conducts applied research in drug discovery, preclinical drug development, advanced engineering, and environmental protection. The FDA has approved seven compounds developed at Southern Research as cancer treatments, and it has seven others in preclinical development. Innovation Depot, the Southeast’s largest technology business incubator, is responsible for $1 billion in annual economic impact in the Birmingham region and has seen 150 startups graduate over the last four years.

The nationally recognized Cummings Research Park is a force in Alabama’s life science industry. The park is home to 300 companies and organizations that employ almost 30,000 workers, and it serves as a major economic engine for the state.

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